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Posted by AtomicFusion13 - August 3rd, 2011

Right, basically, around two years ago, I had the idea of becoming big on Newgrounds and YouTube with flash animations. I started a project called "Stickman Rampage" which I had the idea of a Neo-Style Stickman going around a city similar to New York and destroying everything and killing everyone etc. And when I started the project I started with a simple animator and a stick man dancing to Mambo No. 5.

Two years later, I've lost the stickman :(.

I basically lost interest in animating right now, and I'm more busy with school. Im in my final years of Secondary School and I've got GCSE's and coursework and a girlfriend.

And speaking of my girlfriend, she had needs, and by needs, I mean she needs my money. My wallet cries when I see her. As much as I love her, love does not earn me money, which brings me on to the whole point of this post.

Around school, I'm noted for the fact that I have the ability to alter my vocals chords immensely due to puberty. Where as I usually have a deep-ish voice, I can go extremely high pitched and very low pitched. With that I can do a variety of different accents. I can do a southern-england accent and a southern-american accent (Which, while doing, I will open with the line "I Am George Dubya Bush", because here in England, we "love" George W. Bush!).

I have the ability to do a sort of Russian-esque accent at times, along with a sort of queer German accent, which sounds like Rictofen from Call Of Duty. Something I'm not that proud of, but you know, a voice is a voice.

So this is a post for any animator who needs a voice actor for any upcoming animations. Im here if you need me. If you don't need me, pass the word around, who knows, maybe I'll end up in the next EddsWorld animation. But thats very unlikely. Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge.

But one of the problems with my current finacial situation is that the only Microphone that I currently have working is a dodgy one built into my laptop, as the one I was using got damaged. God knows how. But I am hoping to get a new Microphone working soon.

But here we are, so please, if you have any work, you know where to find me. And believe nothing you see here, I made this account when I was merely a child. Now, Im an angsty teen with built in acne! So, yeah, if you need a voice actor for any projects, I'm here. I also don't limit my work, I will literaly do anything.

Posted by AtomicFusion13 - October 8th, 2009

Well, I havent made a flash yet but ,thanks to cooltext, I have a Logo! Yay! (Insert Children Cheering Here)
Below you can see it here first. But beacuse of Ms Paint being screwed up the image is in a black box. But still, Its a logo!

New Logo

Posted by AtomicFusion13 - October 8th, 2009

Ok, this post is to promote my new and first flash "Stickman Ramapage". It should be out with in a couple of weeks since I am absolutely crap at Flash so i am gonna be spending alot of time on the tutorials. Look forward to it but it will be a while. Funny thing is theres still 32,466 charecters left.

New Flash